Model Forums

Forums are an excellent source for gaining new fans and traffic.  They're active 24/7 and mobile friendly.  They offer a community aspect that provides a nice hangout for REAL people.  You won't find yourself with empty traffic composed of bots and spammers that don't convert into sales.  With some time and effort, you will find yourself with some nice sales to your respective website(s) and brand new fans.  The key is consistency and to not be a spammer yourself.  If you put a little effort into actually interacting with these forums, you will generate a very loyal fan base among their users. Forums has been around for years and has some of the most loyal long-term users around.  I am talking about users who have been around for over 10 years in many instances.  They are very protective of the models who are active on their forums and genuinely enjoy having models around.  Both the main website and the forums offer excellent traffic.  Whether you are marketing a solo website, premium SnapChat accounts, your live webcam, content sales, or whatever else, you will find several interested parties on the Phun forums simply by taking a few minutes of your time each week to share content and interact with the thousands of users at Phun.  A little effort goes a long way!

Phun Forums


1. Sign Up on the Phun Forums.

2. Send a Message to J3scribe and let him know you are a model and we sent you.

3. Set up your profile and signature with your links etc.

4.  Check out the tutorials or stalk J3scribe if you have questions.

5. Start posting in the Phun Models Section and introduce yourself.


– Share a fan sign with your name “ModelName @” so users know you are real.

– Include your links to your website(s), social media, webcam profile, etc.

– Post often!  And please, feel free to interact in the other sub-forums in addition to the Phun Model sub-forum.

– Most importantly, share your content and links, BUT do not become too spammy.  Spam sucks.