Social Media Rules

I have been getting messages from some models about what is okay and not okay to post on social media. So I thought I would post a basic rundown.

Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat (Public Accounts)
– Photos should never show ANY nudity at all. No nips. No areola. No buttholes. No vag.
– Clothing should have at least ‘bikini area' coverage. Not thong bikini coverage, but a normal bikini type of coverage.
– Clothing should never be sheer or see through.
– Hand Bras are a no-no.  Same with the crotch. No hands. While some seem to get away with it, many do not.
– No touching yourself sexually. This means no rubbing your boobs, crotch, etc.
– Bare ass and thongs are a no-no. Again, this is another one of those ‘some get away with it, many don't' things.
– No sex toys. Period.
– No bodily fluids.
– No using graphics to cover up naughty parts. Again, this is another one of those ‘some get away with it, many don't' things.
– No touching other individuals (male or female) sexually. This includes the urge to grab each other's boobs.
– No explicit titles or descriptions.
– Be careful sharing URL's.  No affiliate links allowed.

NOTE: Due to filing for the public IPO, Snapchat has been cracking down on PUBLIC adult industry accounts of models and websites.

– You can be nude, etc. However, if you do NOT mark your Tumblr blog as ‘NSFW' in the options, you can get deleted.
– Since Yahoo took over Tumblr, they have cracked down on explicit porn.
– No using adult affiliate links.

– You can be nude.
– You may NOT have nudity in your cover photo or your profile photo.

NOTE:  Currently, there are rumors that Twitter will be cracking down on explicit porn due to losing out on a merger over it. Just something to keep in mind. (Russian FB with LOTS of Traffic)
-Same rules as Facebook, however, they do allow you to get topless.
-Hand bras are allowed and sexy PG-rated touching, but no penetration.
-No vag or explicit porn.

Google +
-No nudity.
-No explicit sex.
-No sex toys.
-Hand bras, thongs, etc are allowed.

Keep in mind that there is NO consistency in who gets banned for what. Just because one girl gets away with something doesn't mean you will. Why risk it? If in doubt, then don't share it. All it takes is one pissy fan or competitor model or someone else to get upset and report your post. Not only can your post(s) get deleted, but your entire account(s).