Vera Baby is quite the stunner in this video gem.  If you enjoy slow, sensual music with an incredibly hot girl in thigh high stockings then you are sure to enjoy this naughty bit from Vera.  This Canadian tattoo model is the perfect distraction from the start of your work week.  And if you enjoy this teaser, then you will certainly want to check out the full-length high-resolution kinda-maybe-naughty video on her solo website,

Vera has a flair for all things dramatic.  This includes her photo shoots, her webcam shows, her cosplay conventions, her social media and more.  She is bound to keep you on you wondering what she has lined up next.  If a model ever had ADHD in terms of direction, it is Vera!  She is definitely a hard one to keep up with and she is constantly changing her direction for whatever reason, but that is half the fun  I guess.  You will never be bored as a fan of hers.

Vera Baby Topless Video

If you prefer, you can always catch Vera Baby at a cosplay convention near you or on her live webcam at  She doesn't webcam nearly as much as she used to.  But she does manage to hop on her webcam a couple times a month.
Vera Baby Photos and Videos