Aaleeyah Petty opens up about her Instagram fame, the haters, the hackers and more.  In addition to sharing her wisdom in regards to her Instagram popularity, Aaleeyah is a well-rounded girl who happens to be great eye candy.  She has gone from getting free clothes to turning her Instagram into a business.  With over a million followers on her Instagram account, it is clear this beautiful babe is opening doors for other models.  Aaleeyah describes herself as an influencer, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur.  She also has an enormous love of Buffalo Wild Wings.  Sorry, guys, she's currently dating Cameron Payne of the Chicago Bulls.

Aaleeyah is a multi-racial beauty who first gained attention on Vine with her short video clips.  She will be turning 23 years old on July 3 (Happy Early Birthday!).  She is originally from Chicago but relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her current career as a model.  You can currently find Aaleeyah on Instagram and on her Snapchat account.  Video Credit:  Dj Smallz

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