Today Alexis Ren let it be known that she is single again. She has broken off her relationship with another popular IG model, Jay Alvarrez. It would seem he's already cleared his IG of most of the photos he had shared of her.  Alexis also let the world know that her ex has a tiny dick.  While the world is falling apart around us, it seems that the news Alexis shared with her social media followers is life changing.  But honestly, when you are as hot as she is, who cares?!?!  Her 8 million Instagram fans are probably secretly applauding the split.  They men are certainly lining up.  But guys, would you risk a savage public attack on your penis by dating her?

We will look past all the drama.  Alexis is young (aged 20) and perhaps could use some more life experience.  Her insane measurements of 32-22-34 are drool-worthy.  According to an interview with The Cut, the first photos of Alexis that went viral were ones of her wearing a bikini when she was 15. That’s when “everyone just started following, following, following.” Hey, if it works!  Alexis works out every day, doesn't drink, and maintains a mostly Paleo diet.

She says that Gigi Hadid is her idol.  Like Alexis, Gigi leveraged her social media power to build her career in fashion. “I respect her because I understand … I mean, girls like her open the doors for girls like me. So all I can do is thank her.”  Alexis says she never uses Photoshop on her photos either.  She actually hates when people accuse her of it because she works for her body.  With a body like hers, she will have no problem at all bouncing back from this obviously traumatic break up.

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