Whether you refer to these babes as bikini baristas or espresso girls, we love what they are serving up!  I'll take mine extra hot with whipped cream.  Bikini Baristas (who wear many sexy outfits and are not just limited to bikinis!).  Here in the Seattle area, they are quite popular.  But as the concept of ‘Bikini Baristas' gains more and more popularity, we are seeing these sexy coffee stands show up all over the nation these days.  In many cases, they often bring controversary among some of the more ‘conservative' locals.  We have no complaints and are eager to see these naughty coffee stands pop up in even more locations.

My personal favorite happens to be the Cowgirls Espresso chain (God, I love these girls and their coffee!). There are many other bikini barista stands but I can only speak from my personal experience.  Ideally, I would love to credit all the girls / espresso stands in this post but some of these images were found on Reddit without credit.  However, I will give a shout-out to the sexy barista Instagram accounts belonging to:  @DreamGirlsEspresso@HillBillyCoffeeCompany  @CowGirlsXPresso.  Give them all a follow on Instagram or Twitter for some frequent sexy updates from their bikini baristas and cute coffee girls.

Photos of Cute Bikini Baristas