Courtney Knox (aka Chloe Jones) is rebranding herself as Courtney Shannon and has had our attention for a while now.  This 22-year-old fresh-faced UK model is a natural beauty worthy of our attention.  At only 19 years old, Courtney was featured in Zoo Magazine (we miss you Zoo!!).  She was an instant hit with the male UK fans.  Soon she was appearing on various men's entertainment websites.  And, of course, she has a strong presence on Instagram and Snapchat.  It is safe to say that Courtney Knox with her 30E boobs and striking eyes are here to stay.  She is currently actively working as a Monster Energy Girl and making public appearances.

As any young, college-aged woman, Courtney admits she is very outgoing and loves to go out with her friends.  She also admits she can make them a little crazy at times.  She loves joking around and poking them.  I'm sure there are a few gentlemen out there who would love to poke her back!  She also counts balancing a spoon on her nose as one of her talents.  It seems that Plymouth, UK produces some of the UK's hottest glamour models, including Courtnie Q.  They were once boxing ring girls together.

When she isn't modeling, Courtney loves to hit the beach and go snorkeling.  During a trip to Florida not long ago, Courtney says her bikini bottoms came undone.  She panicked as people caught a glimpse of her beautiful bottom.  Her cousin then jumped in and attempted to help Courtney out.  However, in the end, there was a lifeguard who had to come save the day!  We are grateful for that lifeguard for ensuring that we still have Courtney to grace us with her beauty.

Courtney is single and doesn't date very often.  However, when looking for a guy, she prefers men who are funny and have a great sense of humor.  She is a sucker for a well-dressed man as well.  Other than that, don't feed her any cheesy one-liners because she is likely to find an excuse to escape her date with you.

You can find more of Courtney Knox on her Instagram and her Snapchat.

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