Instagram is notorious for dirty photos.  However, they do claim not to allow them.  They have even recently come under fire for how they have treated adult models and more.  Instagram seems to pick and choose which accounts are penalized for violating their rules regarding risque photos and videos shared on their platform.

Per Instagram's own rules, things such as beautiful bare bottoms, nipples, touching of nude body parts, and other naughty items are not allowed.  As you can see, we have found plenty of these things.  We love them!  And we wish Instagram would allow these naughty bits.  Not only do users enjoy them, but I'm certain they generate lots of traffic and ad clicks.

Dirty Photos on Instagram

There are several Instagram accounts that are dedicated to pushing these boundaries.  It is a bit obvious at times that they have a relationship with Instagram behind-the-scenes as they are pretty blatant in their posting of nude body parts.  We can only hope for some sort of consistency in the future.  We all love the #FreeTheNipple movement.  It would be simple for Instagram to filter such accounts as to keep the little children from viewing these accounts.  Certainly, Instagram would reap the many reward$ in that situation.