Dominique D'Angelo (aka MiniJello) has been capturing the attention of social media in recent months like no other.  This beautiful Italian hottie who attends the University of Delaware is turning heads everywhere on the web.  Those 32GG chesticles probably have a bit to do with the attention.  But don't be fooled!  There's much more to this hot COED cutie.

MiniJello Big boobs

Dominque competed in the Miss Teen USA pageants when she was younger.  She placed in the top 5 for Miss New Jersey Teen USA a few years ago.  She is as beautiful as she is smart.  She's active in the college lifestyle and has been gaining popularity among popular college girl websites.  Reddit is how we came to find her and we have learned much about this busty stunner.

We appreciate a girl making her own way in the world and getting an education.  Needless to say, we HAD to get to know more about this babe.  I think it is safe to say that Ms. D'Angelo is going to explode in popularity even more than she already has.  It'll soon go from “who's that girl?” to “That's the infamous MiniJello!”.  Our friends over at BoobsRealm profiled her only a week ago and seem to agree that Dominique is going places (at least they're hoping so!).  Will it be the adult industry?  Or perhaps something more mainstream?  Who knows.  Either way, we sure to appreciate having her around.

MiniJello is an adventurous young lady.  Her Instagram Account shows her doing everything from bungee jumping, sky diving, hanging out on cliffs, and traveling all over.  But she's also a girl who appreciates her family and often mentions “Momma Jello”.  Big boobs or not, this girl is taking over the world.  We cannot wait to see what she chooses to do with her new-found Internet fame if anything.  She has the brains and the body to do anything she pleases.  We'll be watching from a distance and cheering our new favorite busty babe on!  Even Bill Murray seems to agree with us.

Dominique D'Angelo Photos