Esmeralda Rae has made several changes in recent months.  She no longer uses the names “Esmeralda Bel” or “Xotic Esmeralda“.  We think this is a brilliant move as she has now gone into creating herself as a brand.  She has a bigger focus on her social media accounts these days.  Esmeralda has been kicking ass and taking names in the gym as well.  Most importanly, she has made herself much more available to her fans, both male and female, in regards to health and fitness tips.  Frequently you will find her cooking healthy meals and more on her Instagram stories.

Don't fret!  You can still catch Esmeralda on her Live Webcam as well.  With her body looking fine as f*ck these days, you definitely don't want to miss any opportunity to catch her live at (NSFW).  We are certain that we will see some big things in 2017 from Esmeralda.  With her fitness and social media savvy, she is opening new doors for herself.



Esmeralda Rae Photos