Franciele Medeiros (aka Francy Medeiros) has proven to be quite popular for us.  Not long ago we shared an article discussing her former career as an adult nude model.  Needless to say, her current fan base scurried over to check out the details and to catch a glimpse of what she looked like prior to the plastic surgeries.   While we showed you where you could find all of Francy's nude photos and videos, we didn't actually share any with you.  However, we can now happily bring you a bit of a tease into what you can find.

> Franciele Medeiros Nude Photos and Videos <

These photos were shot by Steffon John in a public park in the Boston area.  As you can see, Franciele strips down from her hoodie and panties eagerly.  She loves showing off her petite little body and gets fully nude in public.  As you can see in some of the photos, there are passersby on foot, on bikes, etc.  Imagine being a Dad hanging out with your kid and suddenly coming across this scene??  Better get junior out of view so he doesn't catch a glimpse of Francy Medeiros nude!

There are hundreds of more photos of Franciele nude in public over at  Of course, back when she was getting naked in public and elsewhere, she used the name Sabrina Vieira aka Exotic Sabrina.  Her old solo website with all of her naughty adventures is long gone, however, all of the content remains.  Check Out Francy Medeiros Fully Nude for yourself.  She was adorable back when she had small boobies and a fully natural look.