This week, Jade in Wonderland will turn 22 years-old.  We are going to celebrate her birthday by featuring this beautiful Snapchat babe.  Jade is a mix of Russian, English and German heritage.  Apparently mixing these ethnic backgrounds produces gorgeous girls such as Jade.

Jade, being the awesome and down-to-earth girl that she is, provided us a few answers to questions we had for her.  You know a girl is worth checking out when she puts in a little effort to answer questions and allow her fans to get to know her.  This usually means a girl has some great work ethic and provides frequent updates to her private Snapchat.

Jade, can you tell us a little about your Private Snapchat?  First off, I do allow screenshots!  I also like to change it up and do different sexy themes and ideas fans suggest me. I'm creative and know how to put on a good show! I'm very interactive as well and Love being behind the camera and taking vids and pics all day. (yes, this includes some nudity shhhh)

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Do you have any pet peeves we should know about?  My pet peeves would definitely be when others are rude, having close minded conversations, picky eaters, and when my room is a mess.

If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would you choose?  I would most likely want to meet Elvis Presley. I say this because ever since I was 7 years of age my father took on the entertainment industry as an Elvis impersonator, where he was placed as the #1 rated Elvis Impersonator across the world for 6 years. During those years of my life, I had first-hand experiences with so many of Elvis's loved ones, including friends, family, cast members, and show members.  Every time my father performed, my heart filled with endless joy. As I got older, I could only cry when I saw him perform. It touches a part of my heart in a way that nothing else can, and because my father took on that as a career, it always makes me wonder how phenomenal it would have been to meet the one and only, king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley himself.

What was your favorite childhood movie?  My favorite movie as a child was Cinderella and The Wizard of Oz. I am a huge sucker for Disney. Walt Disney did such an incredible job creating what is considered legendary movie phenomenon. I could watch a Disney movie 1,000 times and it still feels like the first time every time.

What is your favorite part of your body, Jade?  My favorite part of my body would more than likely be my bubble butt. I've had a bubble butt since I was a little girl, and it's stuck by my side and never disappointed ever since!

Well, we certainly can all agree that after checking out Jade in Wonderland's photo gallery below that you will also fall in love with her booty.  You will probably fall in love with all this remarkable young lady.  Be sure to check out her private snapchat account.  It doesn't get much more personal than that!

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