Kathleen Eggleton has a magnificent ass.  It is worthy of worship.  There should be altars built to show our appreciation.  While her beautiful buttocks have caused a bit of controversy, they are still worthy of our attention.  Some claim they are fake.  She claims it's exercise and her genes.  Who really cares?  It's rather obvious by the rest of her body that she does put in some hard work.  Kathleen is a fitness model and bikini athlete from Ontario, Canada.  Many of her Instagram photos are truly inspirational.  Other photos of hers are drool-worthy.

There is plenty more of Kathleen to be found all over the Internet.  If you are fond of beautiful round buns, then she is your gal.  She has a pretty sexy SnapChat Account in addition to her Instagram.  We do wish she were able to update more frequently, but I guess there is something to be said for leaving us wanting more.  We will always eagerly anticipate her next photo(s).  That thick booty leaves us smiling and needing a bite!

Kathleen on IG:  @KathleenEggleton

Kathleen on SC:  @K.eggleton

Kathleen Eggleton Photos