Kendall Morgan is kicking off our school year properly.  With her cute pigtails and school girl lingerie, there's no denying she is going to get attention from the boys at school.  I don't think much school work would get done.  Most are probably thinking about using those pigtails as handle bars.  Or peeking underneath her very short school girl lingerie.

Kendall is a webcam model, lingerie model, and swimwear model.  In addition to all of that, she runs her own business and is an emerging entrepreneur.  It looks like all of that extra time in school has paid off for her.  She's putting her education to work while teasing us.  She has also established herself as a popular Snapchat model as well.

Right now we are thinking of Kendall and our other models who are in Florida and in the path of Hurricane Irma.  Be sure to show them some support during the chaos.  We hope everyone is staying safe during all of Mother Nature's wrath.

Kendall Morgan School Girl Photos