Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend, Tyga, certainly know how to captivate our dirty minds.  Rumors and gossip about a potential sex tape featuring the infamous couple started making rounds just before the holidays.  Alas, sex tape pervs will have to wait for a Kylie Jenner sex tape.  There could be a chance Kylie could follow in the footsteps of her sex tape famous big sister, Kim Kardashian.

Photographer, Sasha Samsonova, captured the couple's intimate moments in the shower and set it to music from NIIA.  The video was shot as a short film featuring Kylie.  However, while shooting the film, Tyga unexpectedly joined in the sensual shower.  While they don't get fully nude, they are both in wet clingy white tee shirts.  For Kylie, this means every single curve was available for our viewing pleasure.  Per W Magazine, Samsonova states that it is all raw footage without editing.

Celebrity Sex Tapes

Kylie's curves have recently come under scrutiny with a noticeable increase to her top half.  In addition to the ample addition up top, Kylie's famous rear end has also been scrutinized in recent Instagram photos.  Some people claiming that she had the lower half adjusted as well.  We tend to disagree on the ass speculation.  After watching this video you will understand why.

Kylie Jenner And Her Curves

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