Laura Lux used to be known as Ashlee Adams, former Australian Penthouse Pet of the Year 2011.  Before she was Laura, she was Ashlee.  She was an inked alternative model with a Barbie edge.  She used to be a model on a couple of alternative model websites and a webcam model on My Free Cams.  She went on to do some work with Zoo Magazine (R.I.P.) and Australian Penthouse, which eventually lead to her being Pet of the Year in 2011.  We cannot show you the naughty bits here, but if you check out Penthouse you can check out all the Ashlee Adams goodies there.

Ashlee Adams Photos

While we don't know the circumstances as to why she has rebranded herself as Laura Lux.  No matter what name she uses, we think she is still a gorgeous babe.  Laura has since relocated to the United States.  She is in California now.  She has been known to hang out with Emily Sears frequently.  In addition to hanging with hot girls, she has also established herself as a rainbow haired DJ and seems to be returning to her hot gamer girl roots as well.  She broadcasts frequently on along with several other sexy gamer chicks.  She remains down-to-earth and approachable.  Her social media presence has expanded expo

Laura on Twitter:  @DJLauraLux

Laura on Instagram:  DarthLux

Laura on Twitch:  DJLauraLux

Laura on SnapChat:  DarthLux

Laura Lux Photos