Hard to believe, but LenaThePlug comes from a conservative Christian home.  Lena Nersesian initially gained fame from her raunchy YouTube vlogs.  One of those videos was about letting her best friend fuck her boyfriend.  That video now has over 17 million views.

Lena's Hot Snapchat Videos

BUT, fast forward from 2017 and new boobs, she has now unleashed everything on her private Snapchat account.  We are talking Lena alone. And with her boyfriend.  And most importantly, Lena with all of her very hot girlfriends doing some very hot things together … nekkid.

Check Out Her Sexy Photos

This Armenian Youtube star has proven that sex sells.  She has grown all of her social media accounts exponentially as a result of her ability to balance sex with social media's rules.  It is often a fine line for online models.  Instagram and Facebook are quick to delete models who push the limits but Lena has found a way to bypass those rules and continues to garner new fans daily.

Go check out her ultra naughty Snapchat Account.  There seem to be no rules applied there!  We have truly enjoyed engaging with this Snapchat babe.  However, we cannot just seem to get enough of her.  While we may have had our fun with her, we cannot help but to want even more of this sexy vixen.