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 Kendra Sunderland obtained internet fame as the infamous Oregon State University Library Girl.  If you haven't heard her story, you should really take a moment to read about her.  Kendra has taken a bad situation and turned it around to work in her favor.  19-year-old Kendra was a webcam model who got caught doing a webcam show at the Oregon State University Library where she attended as a student.  Someone posted a recording of that webcam show on a few of the free porn tube sites out there.  As a result, she was hit with a large fine for public indecency.  Kendra had only been a webcam model for a few weeks prior to this incident and was thrust into the spotlight quite unexpectedly as the news of what happened garnered her national and international attention this past spring.

As a result of what happened, she lost many friends and was kicked out of Oregon State University.  While her parents haven't been thrilled about what happened, they remain supportive of her.  Kendra has turned this unfortunate incident and new found fame into something good.  She now has her own website, has done numerous modeling jobs (both online and in print), and has an enormous supportive following throughout all of her social media accounts.  She now has made a strong career for herself in the adult industry with Vixen, Blacked, etc. and has won several awards. Way to take control, Kendra!

You can find some amazing photo galleries and videos of Kendra Sunderland exclusively at  I love how they shoot their content and don't turn the girls into overdone pornstar looking types.  They keep things fun and casual but very sexy.  You'll enjoy Kendra's galleries as well as those of dozens of other girls too.

Kendra Sunderland Photo Gallery

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