The Lingerie Football League is now known as the Legends Football League.  They also have new uniforms.  You gotta admit, hot athletic babes in lingerie tossing around balls is enough to get the attention of your mojo.  Apparently those lingerie-influenced were a tad bit too hot and distracting for some.  The LFL has changed up the look of those uniforms for the 2017 season.

As per the press release from the LFL about the new uniforms:  “LFL history will be made as custom designed full pants uniforms will be unveiled by each of the LFL USA teams, at their final home game. Alongside the full pants uniforms, LFL teams will be wearing more sleeker design uniforms with brighter and more engaging colors.”  Honestly, Legends Football League, do you think there will be fewer distractions with these new uniforms?  I don't think either version of the new uniforms will keep the focus on the actual game.

Check out the LFL's sexy Instagram page.  You will not only find these girls and their skimpy uniforms, but several photos of the ladies in action, behind the scenes and more.  It is always a treat to see a well-toned athlete doing what she does best.

2017 Lingerie Football Uniforms