Lounge Underwear has been treating Instagram to some wonderful eye candy.  While this underwear brand offers more than just panties and bras, they seem to know how to market whatever it is they are selling.  There are a few things that we have noticed with the Lounge Underwear Instagram account.  Firstly, they embrace diversity.  They feature women of all races and color.  It is genuine.  You don't just see the same few minority faces like some other brands offer so they appear to be embracing diversity.  But Lounge truly is embracing diversity.  This also includes curvy models, models with tattoos, and other differences not often shared by mainstream brands in this niche.

Another great thing about this brand is that they don't just share Instagram models with massive followings.  There are models who have only a couple thousand fans and models who have several thousand fans.  If you are looking for some fresh faces to follow on Instagram, just check out the Lounge account.  It is a breath of fresh air if you get tired of seeing the same Instagram models over and over.  There are some beautiful women who are equally deserving of some attention.

Lounge's products are getting great reviews.  I have seen them compared to Calvin Klein's lounge line.  While there may be similarities, there are also many differences as well.  Lounge has a more ‘real' look at the girls they feature.  With Calvin Klein, you get the big name models and celebrities in addition to the price tag.  But they just lack that realness that Lounge seems to be embracing and sharing.

Lounge Underwear Models