Michelle Jean is truly one of our favorite college coeds.  This all-natural cutie is a former Arizona State University alum.  These days she has been busy running This Year's Model.  I'm fairly certain that all of those girls she has to wrangle for the website keeps her more than busy.  However, she still finds time to spoil us with her own photo sets and videos.  We love her perfect petite body and perky boobs.  We have shared some of Michelle's other photos and videos on our sister site.  Check out Michelle Jean A Natural Beauty and Michelle Jean from ASU.

She has such a beautiful natural look.  In an age where lip injections and fake tits seem to be the norm, it is nice to see a girl like Michelle come along.  She is a much-needed breath of fresh air in an industry.  Michelle adds to her awesomeness by making herself available to her fans on social media and other means.  There truly is a personal touch involved in all things at This Year's Model.

Michelle Jean Clark Photos