Natalie Golba is an Easter Bunny like no other. Natalie is an international Russian model and actress. She has famously appeared in the pages of Elle, Marie Claire, and Glamour among countless others. Now she is gracing our website just in time for Easter.  At 26 years-old, Natalie has also made a name for herself on Instagram.  With over 250,000 fans of her photos, this Russian beauty has made her mark on social media.

From her biography at “Natalie was born in Russia to parents who are both surgeons. Her grandmother was a pianist, and, as a child, she took piano lessons. In general, she was quite drawn to all forms of the arts. Natalie was painting,  she went to ballet school, and took acting lessons … As Natalie had an aptitude for Mathematics, her parents really wanted her to go in that direction, so she ended up with a degree in Economics. But her soul, however, was always asking for something else. Therefore, Natalie decided to continue her studies at the Music Academy in Moscow. Now she knows that as much as she loves music, and she have also performed as a singer during her years at the Music Academy, Natalie would like to continue doing it as a hobby. Her true passion nowadays is acting, and this is what she intends to focus on in the future. These days she works as a commercial model, and  going to continue doing that, in addition to pursuing her acting career.