Nyli and Violet Doll have officially made yarn sexy.  Who remembers Nyli, the sexy Canadian cutie with pole dancing skills?  Remember Violet before she became Violet Doll?  Here we have them both together and up to no good.  Both of these former webcam girls knew how to crank up the heat during their CamWithHer years.  Nyli left the adult industry for the most part and has a career in pole fitness these days.  However, she left us with some very hot photos and videos over at CamWithHer.  Her videos were infamous among mainstream men's entertainment websites.  She was quite popular during her time as a webcam model.

Violet Doll has gone through several websites and cam sites.  Since these photos she has undergone several cosmetic changes to her lips, tattoos, boobs, etc.  These days you can find her post-surgical nude photos and videos at SweetAssAngels.  She has content dating back several years, including inside the CamWithHer Member's Area (pre-surgery) and SweetAssAngels Member's Area (post-surgery).

Nyli and Violet Doll Naughtiness