Scarlett Forgrave owns a booty that is a booty most girls would pay for.  We have featured a few busty COED girls, however, we need to throw in a nice college girl booty fix too.  Scarlett is sassy babe from Maryland who attends Salisbury University.  We love this girl's attitude and her “I don't give a fuck about the haters” attitude.  Seriously, she's pretty awesome on many levels.

However, we cannot deny that Scarlett's booty leaves us drooling.  She's got a fit body, incredible smile, and an ass that will leave your jaw on the ground.  There isn't anything fake about this girl. That includes her glorious rear-end.  Shrines are sure to be built in its honor.

On her profile for Maxim's Finest, Scarlett says, “I am at the very beginning of my modeling career so I would say getting the selected to partake in this competition is the highlight of my career. I am constantly humbled by all of the beautiful ladies in this world and getting the opportunity to compete alongside some of them is an honor”.

When asked what she would do with $25,000 if she won, “I would invest in starting up my own company (most likely a bikini/fitness clothing line) that donates a portion of its sales to a non-profit! I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset and love giving back. I am passionate about world hunger and eating disorder awareness so I would find a way to give back to those causes whilst investing in my dream of owning and operating my own company.” Seriously, can we marry you, Scarlett?

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