Skyler Lo may be one of our favorite webcam models ever.   When we moved Stalkerish over to TuesdayTreat, I meant to repost Skyler's interview and stupidly forgot.  Lately, Skyler has hooked up with Reya Sunshine, another one of our favorite models.  It is certainly a match made in e-heaven and we love it. So enjoy this repost of Skyler's interview and get to know her!

We originally stumbled on this Mexican and Salvadorian beauty while perving on Instagram one evening.  We were even more thrilled to find out that this beautiful motorcycle-loving hottie happens to be a webcam model as well.  She is very personable and sweet.  During our correspondence, I met a fun and adventurous young woman.  She's a girl with ambition.  And she certainly loves her many new fans.  Skyler has been kind enough to answer a few questions for us.  How could we not want to get to know someone as intriguing as Skyler Lo?

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Tell us about you, Skyler.  How would you describe yourself and the type of person you are?  I would describe myself as kind, giving person I enjoy giving back so I do a lot of community work especially during the holidays.  I’m extremely goofy and love making people laugh.

How long have you been a webcam model?  How did you come to become a webcam model?  I have been a webcam model for about a year now, it actually started with curiosity.  You ever watch porn and get those webcam model ads?  Well one day I checked it out, I saw the model application link and I thought why not.  Something different and exciting, and not to mention I do love sex lol.

What have you enjoyed the most about being a webcam model so far?  I love the interaction and getting to know people from all over the world.  I can really be myself and have ADD so it really keeps my attention.  I really like the fans and I enjoy giving them a great show. It definitely never gets boring.

Any crazy things happen yet while on your webcam?  So far no, everyone has been so kind and accepting even though I was a newbie.  You set your boundaries, and I think once you do that people respect you as a person.

So you have quite the collection of motorcycles.  Can you tell us about them?  Motorcycles are my passion. I currently have 6  of them. I have a Ninja H2, Ducati 1299s, KTM 1290 SuperDuke, CBR600rr, and 2 Honda Groms. I'm a bit of a speed demon :).  The feeling I get from riding is really difficult to explain but, it’s a very free feeling.  I like nothing more than blasting down the highway.

How did your love of motorcycles come about?  Years ago a good friend took me on the back of his motorcycle, and it was the most amazing feeling!  I was sold.  I realized what I was missing in my life, and next thing I signed up for the motorcycle course.

Tell us about the first motorcycle you owned.  And tell us what your dream motorcycle is.  My first bike was a 2008 crf250r dirbike. I grew up in Cali so I would ride dirt bikes in the desert.  My dream is to have more motorcycles in my garage lol :).   A girl got to have choices right?

Have you had any mishaps or dangerous happenings while on your bikes? Well when I was learning to ride dirt bikes I had a few crashes but, nothing major.  Another time I can recall I was riding home late at night going about 150ish and car cut me off, good thing I was able to swerve to the side.  I got kinda scared that night.

So everyone wants to know … are you single? married?  available to be swooned?  I am always available to be swooned.

What do you think the biggest misconception people have about you is?  I think the biggest misconception people have about me is that I don't work hard for the things I own. I’m actually constantly working it seems like definitely not easy but I think when you want a certain type of lifestyle you must put in the effort.

When you aren't on webcam or enjoying your rides, what do you enjoy doing for fun?  I love spending time with my pets (I have 2 dogs and a turtle), trail riding and anything outdoors really.

How much of a role has social media played in your online life?  Has it had a positive impact or unleashed the crazies?  Social media has had a tremendous positive impact in my life. I think in today's world it's a wonderful tool from job opportunities to simply being able to express who you are.  If there are any crazies I don't pay attention.

Can you cook?  What are your favorite foods?  I love cooking and baking. The holidays are my favorite because I get to make cute Santa cookies! My favorite foods are Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese.

What type of music do you most enjoy?  Favorite musicians/bands?  I enjoy all types, but my favorite is electronic music.  I love Above and Beyond, Skrillex and Alina Baraz and Porter Robinson.  And I enjoy going to music festivals.

If you could shop in only one store, what would it be?  Urban Outfitters

What are your turn-ons?  turn-offs?  I pay attention to just about everything, so my biggest turn offs number one has to be bad hygiene (especially yellow teeth), someone who smokes, also pushy behavior is a huge one for me any signs of that and I'm out.  Okay now for some turn ons … I love love a guy who can make me laugh and isn't afraid to have fun and let loose in any situation.

What's the nicest thing a boyfriend/girlfriend has ever done for you?  Wrote me a poem and a shopping spree to Sephora!  I love makeup so that was so thoughtful, and the fact that he wrote a poem was just the sweetest because it came from the heart, not something that could be found in a greeting card.

What message do you have for your fans?  Don't be afraid to find yourself, try everything you've always wanted to try without fear even if it sounds like the craziest thing ever! Life is a gift and I think If we don't live it to our fullest potential we miss out.