Those Thick Photos

We keep seeing some of our content from Sweet Ass Angels making rounds on Reddit, 4Chan, Twitter, various forums, and more of our model Lita.  She was not an amateur, but a former model who retired in 2012.  These photos (as seen below) are from a photo shoot done in September 2011 on Lake Washington in Seattle, WA.  In addition to Lita, Evelyn Cates, Femme Eden, Gisele, Franciele Medeiros (aka Exotic Sabrina was her porn name), Camerella, Ari Dee and other models were in attendance.

For some reason, those images making rounds are photoshopped.  So to end any doubt as to what is photoshopped and who the girl is, here are the untouched photos of Lita Lenee from that photo shoot.  We only added the watermark, nothing else.  Enjoy.  WARNING:  The Original Images Are Large.