Vera Bambi (aka Vera Baby) has spent a good portion of her online career transforming herself physically.  When she initially got her start with Suicide Girls (2009-ish) at the age of 19. She looked very different from the way she looks now at the age of 27.  Obviously, she has matured and gotten older.  She changes up her eye color with contacts.  She's fixed up her teeth.  She's hitting the gym now and toning up.  Her days of coloring her hair various colors of the rainbow seems behind her now.  There are other small subtle tweaks to herself she has made over the years.  She even describes her own look as being very ‘chameleon'.

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The most notable change has been to her boobs.  While they have remained pierced for quite some time, she did make the jump into the world of fake boobs.  A girl has to do what makes her comfortable and she's rockin' those babies.