Victoria Raye is here with all your “May the 4th Be With You” goodness.  It is no secret that Victoria is one of the Internet's hottest Star Wars nerds around.  Last year she provided our sister site with some of the hottest Star Wars selfies the web has seen.  This year she is back at it.  No one else could ever make you want to be a light saber so badly.  She is sporting those Darth Vader pajama pants like no one else as she teases us with that juicy ass of hers.  And we all love a hot hand bra, but have you ever seen a lightsaber bra??  Victoria has mastered this elite skill as well.  It's no wonder she is rocking our Jedi mind tricks.

Sexy Nerd Fully Nude

Who remembers back in the old skool days of her webcam career when she was the ultimate tease?  We all sat around and prayed for nip slips.  However, things have changed!  Victoria now not only shows off those glorious nipples, but she shows off every inch of her perfectly curved body.  Her brand new fan club has all of her naughty content.  The part of is that she updates it weekly with hot new content.  There's no better time to become a fan of hers!  She has photos, videos, selfies, recorded shows, and you can even order custom videos should you need something a little more personal from her.  She has never before offered an opportunity to access so much of her content in one place.

We bring with these photos some news from the Darkside!  Our favorite sexy nerd will be doing her first member chat event in a long time.  She has been away fighting the dark forces and is now returning in the most triumphant way!  On May 31st at 7 pm PST / 10 pm EST she will be live on CamWithHer for your entertainment pleasure.  You don't have to be a member (but you can become a member!).  You can simply purchase a ticket to her member chat for only $5.00!  Yup, for the price of your Starbucks drink you can instead enjoy Victoria and her insanely hot Jedi curves.

Victoria Raye Star Wars Photos