XO Gisele – Airing Dirty Laundry

XO Gisele has made the rounds through the years.  Having gone through several websites, it has been a little difficult to keep up with her.  Her most recent website ownership (PacinoCash) quietly changed hands not long ago to a photographer named Brian aka PornProducer.  He recently and abruptly shut down the affiliate program for Gisele's site and others without warning drawing anger from numerous webmasters in the industry.  Several webmasters have attempted to contact him but he remains evasive and doesn't respond.

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Gossip is starting to trickle out about some (not all) models not getting paid as well, leaving some of the websites in the program to recycle old content or finish up what was left of shoots.  What does this mean for Gisele?  Hard to say, but she has been focusing on school and perhaps winding down her online career.  It's good she's looking ahead and getting in some schooling.  She is a girl with a plan.

We are fortunate, however, that we can still enjoy some Gisele content from both Sweet Ass Angels and Cam With Her.  There is even some never-before-released content coming to those sites as well.  Personally, we think those were some of Gisele's best years and when she was at her best.  We had a much more natural and fun Gisele.   Here are some photos from the vault from some of Gisele's earlier days.  Check out SweetAssAngels.com and CamWithHer.com for much more of Gisele … that unreleased content is sure to be popular once released!

XO Gisele Dirty Laundry Photos